Behind the Scenes


Behind the Scenes at our Stand at The White Gallery.

Dando London on the White Gallery fashion show

Behind the scenes at the London Bridal Show at Olympia. Presenting the brand new collections from Dando London featuring Christine Dando

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Kimberley from Kimberley Anne Bridal came to see her bespoke Dando London dress.. What will she think? All will be revealed on Say Yes to the Dress UK featuring Christine Dando

IMG_5079 IMG_5085 IMG_5087 IMG_5091

Behind the scenes: Our seamstresses hand beading our lace for the Dando London collection. Designed by Christine Dando


Christine Dando and the crew, behind the scenes filming for Say Yes to the Dress UK at ‘Confetti and Lace’

IMG_2914 IMG_2919 IMG_2920 IMG_2924 IMG_2931 IMG_2945

Christine Dando and the crew, behind the scenes filming for Say Yes to the Dress UK at ‘Confetti and Lace’

*featured dress: Hatton Cross*

img_4096 img_4098 img_4100

Behind the scene shoot from ‘Confetti and Lace‘ 

*Modelling Dando London Balham Designed by Christine Dando*

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Behind the scenes at ‘Bridal by Nikki Kavanagh’ photoshoot of the new Dando London collection.

*Modelling Dando London Covent Garden designed by Christine Dando*


*Modelling Dando London Hatton Cross designed by Christine Dando*