Christine Dando interview with Nikki Kavanagh

We recently visited one of our premier stockists, Nikki Kavanagh at her store in Meath, Ireland.

It was the most beautiful store, it had a gorgeous relaxed and romantic feel about it, we could have stayed in there forever and we know why our brides love it in there so much.

Nikki has the entire signature collection and they have been displayed beautifully around the store, easy for brides to get a real sense of the Dando London style.

We took the new Passion collection and the response from the brides was incredible, We could not have asked for more. With lots of Yes to the dress, we can safely say it was a very successful trip.

Catch Nikki interviewing Christine about the new and current collections and what inspires her designs. Get all the answers to the questions that are on everyone’s mind.