Kimberley Anne’s Wedding


Kimberley has been one of our dedicated stockists from near the beginning of our Dando London brand, So when Kimberley announced she was getting married of course we we saw her in a Dando London gown. 

When we found out that the wedding was to take place in St Pauls Cathedral, we knew this dress had to be extra unique and special.. Christine Dando decided the best way to achieve this was to create Kimberley a bespoke Dando London dress. 

Working hard together Christine and Kimberley designed a dress to suit Kimberley’s style and a gown fit for a princess. And what a beautiful outcome!!

After a few slight changes and adding a draw dropping veil .. the gown was ready. 

Saturday 27th May 

We arrived at the Hotel Cafe Royal. Preparations were in full swing, with Kimberley and her brides maids getting hair and makeup done in the most amazing bridal suit we have ever seen. 

Champagne was poured an presents were exchanged, lots of fun and laughter all round. Once we put Kimberley in her dress, we had the big reveal, no-one had seen the dress apart from Kimberley herself. The reaction was so moving, she looked incredible and everyone had a tear in their eyes.

Arriving at St Paul’s Cathedral was just as moving. Crowds gathered round to see the bride in her Dando London dress and everyone was pouring her with compliments. After a few pictures it was time to go in. 

The ceremony was absolutely beautiful, such a special occasion to be a part of. Watching Kimberley walk down the aisle in her bespoke Dando London gown at St Paul’s Cathedral was such a proud moment for Christine and all the Dando London team… She looks spectacular, the most beautiful bride we have seen. A personal favorite moment of ours was when the bride and groom walked hand in hand out of the venue and Scott (the groom) spotted Christine, he turned to her and said “she looks beautiful, Thank you” The most important opinion is from the groom and we couldn’t have asked for anything better. 

The dress looked absolutely amazing and was the perfect look for a particular special wedding. 

A huge congratulations to both Kimberley and Scott. Thank you for choosing Dando London to spend your big day in. May we wish you all the happiness and Love in the world as you begin your lifes as husband and wife